Narva Ultima Driving Lights

Narva Ultima Driving Lights

Narva Ultima 175 Driving Lights

Narva Ultima 175 driving lights are manufactured in Sweden and combine both style and strength. Attractively designed, Ultima utilises a ‘Rotary Cup’ mounting system, optimising versatility and durability. 

Narva Ultima 215 LED Driving Lights

A break through in LED driving light design and performance. Made at 215mm OD to fit the widest range of Bull Bar applications possible whilst maintaining power and beam penetration for both 4WD but also transportation markets where distance and light volume are vital requirements for safe driving.

Narva Ultima 225 Driving Lights

From extensive research and development benchmarked against the world’s best, the Narva Ultima 225 has evolved setting a new standard in driving lights. Unrivalled in light output performance in halogen or HID, the Ultima 225 in modern in its design with a rugged construction that belies its looks.

The Narva Ultima 225 is available in Halogen, halogen blue and HID and all driving light kits feature virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and lens protectors, fitted globes and a complete ‘plug and play’ wiring harness with every kit.

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